Mentoring - Short List

Some of the best things I've done have happened because I took a chance. So, last week, feeling a bit down-in-the-dumps, I thought I'd cheer myself up by hopefully cheering up someone else. 


The response blew me away, not only the amount of people who responded, but also the quality of the pitches. The burden of choosing fell heavily on me as I had no idea I would receive so many fantastic submissions. BUT...I can only choose one person to mentor; time and commitment involved on both sides. 

I have now read all the submissions, and here is my short list of four from which I shall choose just ONE. Well done to everyone who took part, and please don't be disheartened if you're not on the short list, purely my subjective opinion based on my taste, and whether I think I'm the best fit to be your mentor. I'll announce my final choice from the shortlist in the coming days.


In no particular shortlist

Somewhere In The Universe - Lia Louis

The Waves Crashed Down Upon Them - Lori Inglis Hall

Falling Apart - Nikki Smith

The Spaces Between Lies - Valerie Whelan


Well done to my final four, I am so impressed!

I'll be reading the above submissions in more detail in the coming days to decide on a winner. The prize will be an in-depth critique/ongoing mentoring partnership to help produce a submission package to send out to agents/publishers.