About Me

I haven't always been an author...

I've been a teaching assistant, a sales trainer, a full-time mum, and had lots of part-time jobs, including, many years ago, a summer spent milking goats and working at an outdoor pool.

In my forties I decided to properly start writing and that's when I also set up Cotswold Creative Writing, teaching two writing classes a week. The classes grew in popularity and have gone on to produce many prize-winning writers.

When CLOSE TO ME was published someone asked me why it had taken me so long! I suppose in part it was because I'd tried for a few years before I found success, but also because I hadn't really taken it seriously before. It's odd for someone as impatient as me, but as with most things in life, it was a combination of a few factors, one of which was finding a great group of writers in my area. My children were growing up and I felt I needed something for me, a passion to propel me on to the next phase of my life. Writing has always been there, waiting for me. 

I'm now taking a sabbatical from teaching to enjoy every aspect of being published and to concentrate on writing my next book, another psychological thriller due out in 2018.