About Me

I haven't always been an author...I've been a teaching assistant, a sales trainer, a full-time mum, an entrepreneur, and had lots of part-time jobs, including, many years ago, a summer spent milking goats and working at an outdoor pool. 

In 2011, I set up Cotswold Creative Writing, teaching two writing classes a week for five years. During that time our writers won many prestigious competitions for their short stories.

When CLOSE TO ME was published, someone asked me why it had taken me so long to write my first novel. It was a combination of a few factors, my children growing up, finding a great group of writers in my area, and deciding that I had a story to tell. 

I now write full time.

My latest book, LYING TO YOU, is now published as an eBook & audio book, the paperback is out July 2018.

I also mentor debut authors, in the spirit of paying it forward.

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