Close To Me

Close To Me is about Jo, a woman in her fifties, desperate to unlock secrets from a year of lost memories, a year in which her marriage and family have fallen apart. Imagine if you had to rely on those closest to you for the truth, but you suspect they are doing everything they can to keep it from you…how far would you go to uncover the past?

Below are my UK, US and Italian covers. Rights have also been sold in France and Russia and the TV rights have been optioned by a prominent Hollywood actress who will star and co-produce. The script is currently in development. 

My debut psychological suspense, Close To Me, was published in the UK in Spring 2017 by Headline as the first fiction title for their newest imprint Wildfire. It has been a Kindle Top 30 bestseller, and iTunes and Kobo Top 10.


Close To Me, will be published in the US by Quercus. The hardback will be available on December 5th, 2017.


...and in Italy in August 2017 as L'Anno Che e Passato.

Rights have also been sold in France and Russia and the TV rights have been optioned.


She can't remember the last year. Her husband wants to keep it that way.

When Jo Harding falls down the stairs at home, she wakes up in hospital with partial amnesia - she's lost a whole year of memories.

A lot can happen in a year. Was Jo having an affair? Lying to her family? Starting a new life?

She can't remember what she did - or what happened the night she fell.

But she's beginning to realise she might not be as good a wife and mother as she thought.