My Books

Close To Me, published by Headline (Wildfire) in 2017

Lying To You published by Headline (Wildfire) in 2018

The Hidden Wife published in ebook and audio by Headline (Wildfire) in 2019


Praise For The Hidden Wife

‘A great read with lots of twists and turns and emotions. Gripping!’

Katie Fforde - Sunday Times bestselling Author

‘Tremendous. Tight plotting and strong writing carries the narrative along to a chilling conclusion.’

Harriet Tyce - Author of Blood Orange

‘Loved The Hidden Wife - a great premise, complex characters and a cunning plot all add up to a deliciously twisty read.’

Paul Burston - Author of The Black Path

‘Great plotting, great atmosphere.’

Caz Frear - Author of Sweet Little Lies

Praise For Lying To You

‘This dizzying novel keeps you on your toes.’

The Sun

‘Ticks all the boxes for a dark and gripping psychological drama.’

'Really enjoyed Lying to You. Gripping and twisty but also a very thoughtful exploration of a highly topical subject.'

Laura Marshall - Friend Request


'Compulsively readable and beautifully told, Amanda Reynolds delves expertly beneath the surface of human relations in this complusive thriller.'

Kate Hamer - The Girl in the Red Coat


'I raced through Lying To You in a couple of sittings. A compulsive page-turner, with memorable characters and a twisty plot, it deals with a compelling subject that keeps you guessing.'

Jenny Quintana - The Missing Girl


'Amanda Reynolds has a real knack for getting under the skin of seemingly ordinary people and turning them inside-out for the reader, revealing their flaws and secrets in vivid, compulsive detail. I couldn't stop reading!'

Kate Riordan - The Stranger


'I couldn’t put this book down. Gripping from start to finish, I devoured it in two days.'

Jo Jakeman - Sticks and Stones


'In Lying to You, Amanda Reynolds weaves a compelling plot with the secrets and lies of her characters. Who to believe? You think you know where it’s going, then you don’t. Unputdownable!'

Jane Bailey - Lark Song


Praise For CLOSE TO ME

 ‘A gripping journey towards the truth.’

Woman Magazine

'Close To Me is a marvelous psychological drama on many levels: a parent coping with empty nest syndrome; a search for self worth; the changing relationships between parents and grown children, and between husbands and wives. For fans of suspense, especially suspense with a feminine perspective, Close To Me is as good as it gets.'

- New York Journal of Books


'Close To Me reveals itself like a buried memory, the details peeking out and keeping the reader guessing until all is discovered in the shocking conclusion...sure to have readers thinking about the story and how much they can trust their own recollections long after the final page.'

- Cate Holahan, USA Today bestselling author of The Widower's Wife & Lies She Told. 


'A gripping and twisting psychological drama about a toxic relationship that starts to fall apart, Amanda Reynolds' accomplished debut has already been optioned for television with a prominent Hollywood actress set to star as Jo. If you're a fan of Jenny Blackhurst, Liane Moriarty or Clare Mackintosh, this is a must-read for you.'

- Take a Break


'What if you couldn't remember the past year of your life, and those closest to you were lying?'

- Inside Soap (The Hot List, great things to watch, read & do)


'From the first page I was invested in Jo's story and desperate to know what had happened to her. A wonderful reading experience.' 

- Kathryn Hughes, author of The Secret


‘Fabulous thriller about secrets in a marriage. I loved it.’ 

- Laura Marshall, author of Friend Request


'Gripping, claustrophobic and often deeply unsettling, Close To Me exerts a magnetic pull from its first pages.'

- Kate Riordan, author of The Girl In The Photograph


'Close to Me keeps you guessing, and then just when you think you know, you find another twist in the road. Gripping and suspenseful.'

- Michelle Adams, author of My Sister


'Amanda Reynolds has given us an intriguing, well-told, tightly-knit story that will hold you to the last page and make you put one hand on the banister whenever you’re at the top of the stairs.'

- SHOTS, Crime & Thriller EZINE


'I found Close to Me to be a really involving read and it kept me wondering right through to the very last page. It’s a great debut, both for Amanda Reynolds and for Wildfire, the new publishing imprint of Headline Publishing.' 

- The Nudge Book Review


'Hugely addictive. A fabulously twisty novel that forces you to keep the pages turning. I loved the family dynamic - their relationships kept me glued to the page.'

 - Ronnie Turner, book blogger


'Jo is the ultimate unreliable narrator - even she doesn't know what the truth is! An involving read that kept me wondering right through to the very last page.' 

- Nicola, Short Books and Scribes


'I trusted nobody in this book and that's just the way I like it!'

- Joanne Robertson, My Chestnut Reading Tree


'Amanda knows how to hook her readers and each new chapter kept me turning the pages as I learnt more about the year Jo has lost. An exciting new name in the world of thrillers and I’m looking forward to see what she does next. I’m sure that Close To Me will be a big hit.' 

- Jacob Collins, Hooked From Page One